Sunday, May 25, 2008

Further update on new craft room

Well I have been really busy on this room, although there is not always a lot to show in pictures as a lot is filling holes and cleaning and such LOL........ But today we have got the ceiling painted which means that I can do the walls next weekend WOOOHOOOOOOO although this is only room one but is the fiddly diddly room to do and the actual craft room will be easy peasy to paint after this one...... so heres some update pics of where I am as at this evening. Oh and I forgot to take a picture of the stove part which is now all nicely filled in, looks like a false chimney now.......will take one next weekend once the walls are painted.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Doll Club Meeting Pictures

Hello, LOL........ in amongst doing this craft room I went to my doll club day out and took a few pictures of the girls and their dolls, I thought you might find it interesting.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Update On Craft Room

Well not a huge amount of stuff happening in there at the moment as there have been literally hundreds of nails to pull out and holes to fill up all over the place. My job (if I choose to accept it) later on this weekend is to put more filler in the nail holes at my height and lower on the walls LOL...... Hubby has done the taller bits as hes a wee bit taller than me....... just a smidgeon though. I did manage to get some paint on the cupboards (first coat) and hoping to get the rest of the first coat on by the end of the weekend.

First picture is of the inside of the cupboards still to have the first coat on

One cupboard with first coat on

Top of bench with first coat on, the bench will be painted a sandstone colour which is the same as the floor in the sewing room

Another picture of the cupboards - yes its a khaki green girls, I have a lot of this paint here and so I am using it to save $$$$$ will look fine once some accessories are added I am sure

Carpet, again using it as its what we have spare here, and with the floors in the kitchen in the state they are in well no choice, once the couch is there and my coffee table in maroon I am sure it will all work out ok