Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Next installment of face pictures

Hello again, well I managed to get a wee bit more done of the doll face, I have just started one eye so you can see the difference adding a bit here and there makes. Now in showing this process - things happen and this face may not work out yet - as often happens, of course this will be just my luck to happen when I decide to show how I do them......... of course LOL..... I have two more which I will stuff and start as well so fingers crossed one of em will work out. This one has very oversize eyes but with hair etc and a small body this can make a bit of a statement, (well that's just my opinion and of course I am covering my bum in case it goes wrong he he)

Anyways this next picture shows the start of putting a bit of extra oomph on to the eye area, I am never finished until its finished I can change things all the time and colours until I am happier with it, although a lot of times I am not happy with the finished product as most doll makers would attest, we are all our own worst critics.

In this picture below you can see more black has been added to the eye and the iris and some shading under the eye

Next one below, I have added some wispy eyelashes (I hate doing eyelashes and most times don't do them on dolls, certainly not on the upper eye, usually just do a very dark thick eyeliner effect, but every now and again I attempt bottom lashes)

And just a closer look at the eye, my gosh really putting myself out here Eeek LOL anyways gives a good look at the penciled in eyes and mouth as well, I also struggle with mouths so we shall see how this one goes. This face also has to have shading done as well and of course both eyes need to be done so as soon as I have more time I will continue on and take more pictures, hopefully with the other two faces as well.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

On a roll today

After finishing the quilt today I thought I had better get going and do some doll faces again, use it or lose it as the saying goes and its the same with drawing the faces. So I thought seeing as I am practicing I would give you all a glimpse into the process I do when doing a flat face.

You will notice at the top of the faces there is a sort of "onion top" LOL..... sorry just looked at it and thought my gosh .......hehe....... basically I always do a tab instead of just leaving an opening for stuffing then as you stuff that tab folds inside and you have a nice edge to sew up plus no fraying as you stuff. The hair of course will hide this once its on and having this at the top of the head means you get a really nice finish at the chin area.

I also like to draw my faces on lightly with pencil prior to stuffing, I find it easier to get the face right by doing this. (just my preference)

This is only the start of the layering process just getting some colour on there and will build it up as I go, well hopefully, as its been a while since Ive done any faces.

FINALLY the quilt is finished

I finally found some time this weekend and sat up late last night and hand sewed all the binding onto the quilt. Pheww what a learning experience this has been – but I have enjoyed it and am quite proud of my first quilt mistakes and all LOL……. I stippled it all over as well which took me a lot of time as I learnt as I went, cant wait to wash it now and get it all soft and ready to use for the winter to cuddle under.

I had a heck of a time getting these pictures so excuse the rough piccies, my clothes line isn't high enough so had to peg it over a couple of lines and its too dark inside to take any of it, but anyways you get the idea.

Its not wavy at all in the border and binding just the way its hanging on the line – promise LOL

Friday, April 17, 2009

Second test from email

Ok am going to try and send a picture this time from the email..........fingers crossed it comes through onto the blog ok...
Edit: yep as long as its attached in it comes yipeeeeeeeee very cool

A Test

Hmm I saw a new way to send quick blog updates by email so thought what the heck will test this and see what happens, dont have any pictures with me at the moment as am at work so will need to test that out as well................

So here goes sending this from email - whoooooooooooosh


Well what do you know it works fine nearly instant - now to find a picture to send and see how that works....... wow I might actually be updating a bit more often hehe............

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Doll Club day out

Today was our monthly day out, none of us had much show and tell this time things have been a bit slow on the crafting front but we still had a good day – lots of talking and eating and drinking of coffee and tea LOL.. I took my crochet along, one of the ladies brought some knitting and the other ladies were making teddy bears so a real mixture this time.

This is the bottom of my bag, nearly there to start going up to make the sides so can hardly wait to see how its going to look


Here are some bears Elaina (sorry not sure how to spell this) has made, she is a fantastic bear maker and honestly they feel real in your hand when you pick them up, they are just weighted beautifully

SANY0473 (Medium)


Here's one that was being made on the day and Rose nearly got it finished but didn't have the right size eyes with her to do the face.