Saturday, May 1, 2010

Doll Club - Heaps of Pictures

Today was Doll Club day, mind I think we need to change the name to CRAFT club as we are all doing so many different things nowadays.  I took some clay to play with and am quite pleased with what I have done so far but wont show it unless it works out after some refining .......  I have heaps of pictures to share today which is great, had lots of show and tell and we had a really great day out, lots of fun and its neat to see what the other girls have been making.  Beryl brought in 3 quilts she has made, just fantastic, the last one is not quite finished but its going to be fantastic.  

Beryl and Margarets naughty fairies
Gorgeous cross stitch that a lady did for Rose

Margarets Gollies she is making on canvas
Margarets daughter brought in the below houses she has been making from Canvas, they were pretty extraordinary