Sunday, December 14, 2008

Finally A Post to the blog


Whoops, its been a while - sorry about that - no excuses really apart from the fact that its nearly Christmas and work has been really busy.  Only 1 week to go before I have holidays though, YIPEEEE.   I figure that for the first few days I will have to clean the house YUK but its got to be done, have been a slack bum recently, but then the rest of my holiday should be crafting.  I want to play with some clay over Christmas so fingers crossed it doesn't all end up in the rubbish bin.......

I do have a few pictures to show, of bits and pieces that I've been playing with - so here we go - first The Cat From Hell........... hehe she looks like all innocence here but trust me she is as above LOL


Here is a wee man I am sort of working on, just making him up as I go to see how he pans out, am quite happy with how its going so far - apart from his shoes which I am going to redo next weekend.   I think he will look great all dressed up in his trousers and coat, once he has hair of course.


I am involved in an advent swap for which we send and receive 24 parcels starting from 1 December and then have a bigger one to open on 25th.  It is so much fun trying to find things for your partner and even more fun opening the presents each day.  Here are a few of mine that I have opened so far.........The first is a wee wallhanging of a dragon, its soo cool.


Next is a PURPLE doll wig, my fav colour, I just popped it onto an old dolls head I had laying about from ages ago, (you know - the one from the head trash bin) LOL LOL


And some pictures of more loot.................


And finally, I actually made myself a top last weekend, must be at least 25 years since I have sewn "big peoples" clothing, the pattern was a sod with some instructions missing but I managed to fudge my way through it.  Love the material and its a shame but the bottom is a bit tight around the tummy LOL.......... BUT  I have a new machine in the house as of last week, a Rowing Machine, so I expect to have a six pack at the end of Christmas holidays and then the top will fit just perfectly  ROFLMAO