Sunday, January 25, 2009

Mystery Quilt Update

Phew just in case you thought I was totally lazy today (which I was a bit) mind you I have awful toothache – go figure its always the weekend when they decide to play up LOL, BUT I couldn't help myself so had to at least do a bit of the mystery quilt, not quite finished the last step yet but will try and get that done in the next few nights after work.   Soooo here is where I am at………. Looky at those points ladies, see em and weep  ROFLMAO……….

Happy Birthday To Me ………… LOL

I'm a birthday girl today and no not telling age – have had a great day and lots of presents. I belong to an amazing online group called CRAFT and we do a birthday swap of fabric and today I got to open them all. I had a great time and made a huge mess, and so without further ado I will show you all the gorgeous materials and extras I got in my parcels… AM I LUCKY OR WHAT……….




Sunday, January 18, 2009

Mystery Quilt Part Three

Phew have nearly got all the 16 blocks finished in part three.  I have made a couple of shall we say “tactical errors”  LOL in my cutting and have run out of the deep red colour with 4 blocks to go…….Eeeek………. My fingers, toes and every other body part is now crossed that there is some of this material left at the material shop when I driver (very fast) in tomorrow to get some more.  The picture below could become a before picture otherwise…….. Before I got some more material and had to unpick all these blocks and start again…………… OMG……….  (red looking material is actually not as bright as looks in the picture)


Fancy Dancy Block Holder Thingy

Helen has put up the next instalment of the mystery quilt so that is what I shall be working on this afternoon, (pictures later).  When reading the instructions she mentions using a Clover Sandpaper board which I don't have.  Hmm I do have some sandpaper though, bit of crafty thinking popping up here, so off I go to make my own.  Not happy with just some sandpaper on a board - I thought – heck I am a crafter I need this to look pretty LOL so grabbed some glue and got gluing.  So here is my Fancy Dancy Block Holder Thingy I made this morning to put my wee pieces on to hold them in place whilst marking the diagonal lines.  Front has the sandpaper with a pretty embellishment framing it and the back has some funky material I have with some more ribbon LOL  ahhhh much happier now……….

 SANY0316 SANY0317

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Step Two of Mystery Quilt Completed

qPhew got step two done now and finished the blocks from the first step. Only had to unpick a couple of pieces I sewed on back to front LOL got carried away with this “chain piecing” lark…….got a bit gung ho LOL……. so all ready now for the next bit so am managing to keep up so far.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

First Instalment of Mystery Quilt

Ok Helen put up the first part of the Mystery Quilt, so last night I cut my first pieces, very slowly and carefully hoping not to stuff it all up, was a bit confused but I think I got it done ok……….and have got the first blocks half sewn, fingers crossed I might have time to get them finished this evening maybe…….
First picture is them already to start sewing, AND I chain pieced the last few, phew wasnt sure how to do that but I think I started to get the hang of it in the end LOL
Second picture below is the blocks half done so need to put the other triangle thingies on to finish the first blocks, phew…..

Friday, January 9, 2009

Mystery Quilt Fabrics


I have chosen some fabrics now for the mystery quilt, so no going back, I will have to make it now LOL….. I just hope they all work with whatever the design is.


Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Quilting - Gasp

Yep I am going to have a go at the "Quilting Lark" hubby is laughing his head off as I always said no way would I be doing that weird quilting, you know the one, you cut pieces of material up and then put them back together..........................Welllllllllll here I am - sucked in - absolutely...... so here I go.

I am going to do the Mystery Quilt that Helen of Hugs and Kisses just announced.......of course I will need more material...........Eeek LOL.......

Monday, January 5, 2009

Thumbelina Petal

I have been playing about with a friends pattern called Petal, Cathron Country Designs BUT I decided it needed to be more a pin doll size so I reduced it really really small and have made two of them today, they are a tad smaller than a 50g ball of wool and fit inside my hand…. they were fun to extend myself but not sure if I will do it again as I had to use my finger turning tools to turn the arms and legs and also to stuff them LOL… So here is a few pictures of them….. I hope you enjoy seeing them as much as I (mostly) enjoyed making them.

Here I am auditioning them for clothing etc…….

seeing what fits and works


Finished, I have put a ball of wool in the photos just as an indication of size




Sunday, January 4, 2009

Bag I made last week

Just in case you think that I have not crafted at all in my holidays ( and you would nearly be right LOL)  Here is a picture of a bag I made which was a tutorial on a blog and was called  Margaret Sling Bag was a great pattern and it all went together really well.

Wow you got to look at this

This is what I received from my swap partner as my main present on Christmas Day…… its soo amazing.. Sharon my partner has sculpted this herself and its ball jointed and strung……. absolutely amazing, we both love the Asian Ball Jointed dolls but know that there is no way apart from winning the lottery that we would be able to afford one, soooo she goes and makes one….. this is the first one she has done and if this is the first well can you imagine what the next ones are going to be like…….

Can you all tell I am overwhelmed………..

Sorry about the stand, but I was scared I was going to break her poor thing has cold steel on her nether regions – as usual pictures do not do this girl the full justice, needless to say she is so much better in the “flesh” LOL



Pics of Xmas Swap “stuff”

Well Christmas has come and gone again, I opened all my parcels in the advent swap I was a part of – was a fantastic swap and I had a great partner, it was lovely to open a parcel every day from 1 December through to Christmas Day…. so here are some of the swap items.

This is a Jill Maas pattern, Little Christmas Caroller which I made for my partner….

SANY0105 SANY0101 SANY0104

This is a bag I made for my partner as well – also lots of things like magazines and doll supplies – and of course chocolates were sent…


Here is a wee doll and pin from my friend Cath Walker from Cathron Country Designs the wee pin is soo tiny I don't know how she managed to a paint the wee face on it….. and the painting on the wooden tags is just gorgeous, I only wish I could paint like that. I am going to have to take another picture of the wee dolls and will try to do that in the next few days – now I have them up in my craft room.