Sunday, January 4, 2009

Wow you got to look at this

This is what I received from my swap partner as my main present on Christmas Day…… its soo amazing.. Sharon my partner has sculpted this herself and its ball jointed and strung……. absolutely amazing, we both love the Asian Ball Jointed dolls but know that there is no way apart from winning the lottery that we would be able to afford one, soooo she goes and makes one….. this is the first one she has done and if this is the first well can you imagine what the next ones are going to be like…….

Can you all tell I am overwhelmed………..

Sorry about the stand, but I was scared I was going to break her poor thing has cold steel on her nether regions – as usual pictures do not do this girl the full justice, needless to say she is so much better in the “flesh” LOL



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