Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sewing People Clothes

I have been sewing what I call " people clothes" LOL....... meaning for myself which is something that never seems to work out for me....... but I needed some warm tops for the winter for wearing over comfy tights at home and couldn't find anything the right length etc in the shops so decided to make something for myself.  So yesterday I made two tops which will do nicely to keep me warm and comfy with winter soon to make an appearance here.  Sorry for the quality of the pics but my bedroom is extremely dark and the only place with a mirror that would work LOL

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A Surprise Parcel - yipeeeeee

Yipeee I got a parcel in the mail yesterday and waited till this morning to unwrap so I could take pictures of the goodies, Naomi  says it is a belated Xmas and birthday pressie, how cool to get something unexpected in the mail.  I have been really busy at work and getting home late at night so this was a great feel good boost, I love it all.

Parcel hehe
All beautifully wrapped in lime green how cool is that

Lovely decoration its purple (of course)
and look at this lot the wee purse is just awesome and I have wanted the marking pencils for a long time but cant get them here


Sunday, March 14, 2010

Really Really Bad Eyeballs

So great title eh....... I have been mucking about with some clay eyeballs today and decided to paint them, well the below tells the sorry story, I nearly didn't post them but heck got to show warts and all and these are really bad...... but was fun 

Might actually make a goblin type thingy from clay and have opposing eyes just for fun........hehe.........


Doll Club

Last weekend was our monthly meeting, I didnt attend the last one and didnt really have much to take to do this time but took some crocheting that I am attempting.  I also decided to take the laptop to show the ladies the blog and a few sites of interest etc as most dont have broadband internet etc.

Here we are setting up - I cut up a whole heap of 5 inch charm squares ready to help one of the ladies make a bag next month - so we picked colours and showed her how to cut with the rotary cutter and get everything square etc

My friend doing some cross-stitch
Rose was doing a long stitch embroidery

A panel that made up into a book

Dont remember what these two were laughing about but its a good picture LOL


A couple of pics of the pets of the household.  The innocent looking "cat from hell" in the below photo is not showing her true nature LOL.....   Part of the reason for having little sleep is that this cat keeps bringing in her "catches" late at night and eating them under my bed which results in me getting up to dispose of the leftovers in the early hours of the morning - you would think after being chased regularly with the broom she would get the idea.....   and then of course there's our wee doggie who is nearly 15 years old now and having a few neurological problems but still pretty sprightly and still loving chasing the ball, as you can see there's a wee ball tucked into the picture, they are never far from her sight.