Sunday, March 14, 2010


A couple of pics of the pets of the household.  The innocent looking "cat from hell" in the below photo is not showing her true nature LOL.....   Part of the reason for having little sleep is that this cat keeps bringing in her "catches" late at night and eating them under my bed which results in me getting up to dispose of the leftovers in the early hours of the morning - you would think after being chased regularly with the broom she would get the idea.....   and then of course there's our wee doggie who is nearly 15 years old now and having a few neurological problems but still pretty sprightly and still loving chasing the ball, as you can see there's a wee ball tucked into the picture, they are never far from her sight.


  1. That cat looks as peaceful as can be. And, the doggie is adorable.

  2. That kitty is an angel! And from the picture I can't believe your doggy is that old! Mine are half that age and look older!