Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sewing People Clothes

I have been sewing what I call " people clothes" LOL....... meaning for myself which is something that never seems to work out for me....... but I needed some warm tops for the winter for wearing over comfy tights at home and couldn't find anything the right length etc in the shops so decided to make something for myself.  So yesterday I made two tops which will do nicely to keep me warm and comfy with winter soon to make an appearance here.  Sorry for the quality of the pics but my bedroom is extremely dark and the only place with a mirror that would work LOL


  1. Oh Sharon!
    Both garments look very well made! You're good girl!!!
    They seem to fit well also; now that is winning the battle - making garments to fit. Well done!


  2. Being so short you could've just shopped in the adult section for a change instead of kidswear! lol Just the red one....looks great on you and very slimming.....guess you're going to be warm and cozy this winter hey? Great job Aunty Sharon and now I hope to see zips being put inside bags now! Hugs Naomi

  3. Well done girlfriend..they will keep you snug as a bug in the the red one...hugs Khris

  4. You are going to love these come Winter. They look great!

  5. OOO, are they fleece? They sure look warm and cozy! I am a medium, if your bored. LOL!

  6. Very nice Sharon, they will keep you cost and warm in winter, you are a clever duckie in so many things you do . Hugs Lois

  7. Oh you are a clever chooky, they both look great on you.

  8. They look great Sharon! Love them both! Pockets are always a must on home wear garments! LOL
    hugs Karen