Sunday, September 28, 2008

Some craft I have been playing with

Have just been dabbling a bit in some patchwork and stitchery lately for something to do in front of the Television at night time so here are some pics of my stitchery ready to be stitched and a small bag I made last weekend.  Also a piccie of my wee granny she is only 7 inches tall to the top of her hat, needs another shoe though so not quite finished.
IMGP4104 IMGP4119

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Doll Club Photos

Here are some photos of my last Doll Club meeting, we put on a show of dolls as the local paper wanted to come in and do a feature on how the centre we rent is used.  Lots of eating, drinking and talking going on here as well as sewing.

I'm Needle Felting Woohooo

I have always wanted to try my hand at needlefelting but every time I have given it a try it has always turned out on a scale of poor to horrendous LOL.  Today I am starting a Tutorial on making a caterpillar and so far so good fingers crossed.   Anyone wanting to learn how to needlefelt  get on over to my friend Sharon's new blog as she has a free tutorial on there showing step by step instructions.  Sharon is a fantastic needlefelter and has made some absolutely fantastic characters.  Blog link is also in my sidebar, "house of pugish" but click on her name above to go directly there.


Thursday, September 25, 2008

Quick Post

Hello all, yep am still here just got super busy at work and have been blobbing out a bit on my weekends. The weather is perking up here and with daylight savings about to hit I will have more time at night after work to - play, update blog, play, LOL LOL...........
I do have a heap of photos to upload this weekend, last months Doll Club piccies, with heaps of dolls on show so took a pile of photos to show you all the fantastic dolls the girls make, also have made a small bag last weekend and started a stitchery which I have sewn my first decent bit of patchword around, I really enjoyed doing it and picking the a slew of piccies to come in a couple of days.............
Beter go and do some more work now.............