Saturday, January 30, 2010

Fabric Flower Tutorial Link

Khris has made a great tutorial over on her sew prim khris blog, might have to make a few of these myself for bag decorations etc.

Saturday, January 23, 2010


Its the weekend after being back at work again, wasn't too bad I suppose LOL ...... anyways we are demolishing the shed this weekend into a skip bin so we can rebuild again.   I am not helping as much as I should as I had a wee health blip yesterday and have been ordered to rest until next week when further tests will be done.   I feel fine and look fine so its pretty hard to actually feel sick that's for sure but there you go, I am taking the docs orders as they were very firm and indeed a bit scary as to the consequences of overdoing things in the next few days.  Hopefully I will get to take some pics tomorrow or the next day, was pretty hard today as its been raining all day, but we still got a lot done and have two more days to go with the bin so no stress. 

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Last Day of Holidays Eeeeeeek

LOL  -  well this is the last day of my holidays and back to work tomorrow so have been getting a few things sorted ready for the awful reality of getting up at 6.00am tomorrow morning and leaving the building....... BUT I felt like mucking about this afternoon so got out a pattern and had a play with a wee head, a nice easy one with just a bit of sculpting - something to have a bit of fun and whimsy with by Jill Maas.  Hopefully I will make the whole thing up but maybe not today - we shall see, I just popped the head in amongst some hair to take a photo of it...........Very hard to get decent photos of the material used for these dolls and the last one as it seems to reflect of the camera - doesn't seem to matter whether the flash is on or off you still get a weird distortion.

And then I was snapping pics and took this one of a doll I had made a long time ago with my wee pixie which I just love.

Friday, January 15, 2010

No pics again OMG.......

And the above is exactly how I looked and felt today when I realised I had sewn up a few panels then stood back and realised something had gone horribly wrong...... No amount of squinting and lying to myself helped the situation at all (unfortunately) I tried hard to convince myself all was ok no one would notice............. My coin stack panels when sewn together with the plain panel in between were all uneven........OMG..... they were out by heaps so out came the unpicker and I start again, this time being very careful how things line up and lots and lots of pinning,  I DO NOT WANT TO UNPICK AGAIN......these are large long panels LOL   

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Some Quilt update pics at last

Ok sooo not finished yet but have quilted the 5 panels with one more to go, then can put this initial part together and then onto the borders etc (hopefully) still not sure what I am going to do there but will get this together and then wing it from there as I normally do...........he he........cant help myself but heck this is for my bed so it doesn't matter as long as the materials look pretty.......   

Remember this is all just pinned to the design wall ( tablecloth ).  so nothing looks straight at the moment, I have just done this to take some pics to show how its coming together.

Monday, January 11, 2010

No Pics yet LOL

Yep am still here just wasn't well for a few days so decided to take it easy but back to the sewing machine tomorrow so hope to have some pics of the quilt with more progress going on, nearly got the panels done now, 4 more to quilt and then I can sew them together.   Not sure what I am going to use for a small border next cant find a dark brown which is what I think it needs to break it, anyways will stash dive and find something, this quilt is for me so its not the end of the world, luckily as I decided to try some loopy loops in the quilting on the panels and they are certainly loopedy loopedy nasty looking things, but hey its learning LOL

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Captain Caveman and the Bird House

Captain Caveman was asked to build a birdhouse for a friends birthday so hes now been back into crafty mode - very scary indeed LOL......  Dont think he will make another one he prefers the wallhangings much better and really really wants to come to Spotlight to look (spend) LOL  Anyways he wants me to include his crafting forays on the blog so below is his new invention for his friends birthday.


Sunday, January 3, 2010

Seat Finished

I have spent most of the day getting the seat done, so now I am all set and all colour coordinated as well so everything is spiffy indeed in the craft rooms........NOW to actually get back in there and do some sewing.  I presume most would know what colour I would paint the seat LOL  only because I have lime green walls and I had some fabric that matched for the seat of course hehe............

So there it is one seat/storage piece.......... was a pretty horrible piece of furniture but now it can serve a purpose of being storage and a seat, and also a better colour of course LOL -  for the princely sum of about 16.00 I have a reasonably cost effective piece of furniture for the craft room, Its not perfect but will do the job very well for me.


Started painting the seat / storage box this morning......... phew wonder if anyone can guess what colour its going to be hehe

Pictures later on today

Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Sewing Bench

Captain Caveman decided yesterday was the day that he would build me the sewing bench in my kitchen area of the craft rooms (2 rooms - as it was originally a small 2 room living accommodation)  Sooo a lot of mess was made as I moved sewing machines and a couch and piles of paper which had been hiding on the couch LOL - and I spent the whole morning this morning cleaning and tidying up the 2 rooms, so all is really tidy and cleaned benchs now plus vaccuumed....... phew....... 

Captain Caveman hard at work, some pics had to be deleted as he had builders crack OMG

Sewing Machines setup
Some cool stuff for me to look at while sewing, the wall hanging was made for me by Anita and its just perfect
This is an old Glory/Blanket box that I had and I store my wool in it, it also has a wee top shelf that sits just below the lid which is perfect for knitting needles etc, I am going to spray paint it and put a nice padded seat on it, (which cant be done today as its windy so cant spray paint -  :(    ) am dying to get out there and finish it and spray some paint around hehe

 This is my light box which I am showing as had just been having a conversation in CRAFT group regarding light boxes

Other room  all nice and tidy now with a nice view out the windows 

First Room (kitchen) well bench with a tap for water LOL and design wall