Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Sewing Bench

Captain Caveman decided yesterday was the day that he would build me the sewing bench in my kitchen area of the craft rooms (2 rooms - as it was originally a small 2 room living accommodation)  Sooo a lot of mess was made as I moved sewing machines and a couch and piles of paper which had been hiding on the couch LOL - and I spent the whole morning this morning cleaning and tidying up the 2 rooms, so all is really tidy and cleaned benchs now plus vaccuumed....... phew....... 

Captain Caveman hard at work, some pics had to be deleted as he had builders crack OMG

Sewing Machines setup
Some cool stuff for me to look at while sewing, the wall hanging was made for me by Anita and its just perfect
This is an old Glory/Blanket box that I had and I store my wool in it, it also has a wee top shelf that sits just below the lid which is perfect for knitting needles etc, I am going to spray paint it and put a nice padded seat on it, (which cant be done today as its windy so cant spray paint -  :(    ) am dying to get out there and finish it and spray some paint around hehe

 This is my light box which I am showing as had just been having a conversation in CRAFT group regarding light boxes

Other room  all nice and tidy now with a nice view out the windows 

First Room (kitchen) well bench with a tap for water LOL and design wall


  1. excellent...well done are ready to whip up all those quilts now...hugs khris

  2. I love the stitchery Sharon. You are a lucky girl. Nice colours too. It is a great work area for you. It is going to be great seeing what you make now! Regards, Nessie

  3. Look at you! Just like a professional or something!!! Very nice!

  4. well done... looking great there ...I also see some familiar faces there too LOL

    Sharon 2

  5. I am so jealous of your "studio" just brilliant, and a clever hubby to boot, well done CC.

  6. Wow Sharon it looks great...what a lovely place to create your beautiful things..

  7. Your studio looks great Sharon!! Lots of creativity going to go on in there. Now to just make is useable all year round!(heat and air)
    hugs Karen

  8. Ooooo Sharon,
    you've got a beautiful space to create all your magical and mystical works of art!!! but do my eyes deceive me or are those walls painted a beautiful pale green? I'm blurry-eyed from all the blog-hopping I've been doing this morning! Gorgeous girl!

  9. That looks so nice Sharon, so nice.and organized ,all ready for doing a lot of work. Hugs Lois

  10. Oh my....we have been a bad influence on you hey? In the pic of the light the shelves underneath....I spy a pretty reasonable 'stash' happening...not bad for someone who once told me that she didn't have much of a 'fabric collection' lol The studios are looking great. Well done Uncle CC for the bench, and even if he did have a builders crack, I don't think I saw evidence of any flying Hugs Naomi

  11. Great job on the bench!! Perfect! Glad the wallhanging fits in with your decor.......knew I would be right with purple & green LOL

  12. Wow! So nice to have a handyman for a hubby. Your space looks great. I'm new to your blog - like your dolls!