Thursday, December 31, 2009

Necessity and Invention

Great title eh, its hard to think up titles you know.   Today I decided to change the sewing table I was having difficulties with the height of the bench in the sewing area so have moved the sewing machine (the pfaff quilter) into the other room.  I decided that I could make a bench on the arms of the couch that is in there with some panels I had in the outbuildings which would be the right height..........and they are perfect - the right height and can use the knee lift etc......its making the sewing go a lot quicker.   This is not perfect of course BUT as soon as I can get rid of this couch and the two chairs that go with it that reside in my bedroom at the moment LOL  Hubby will build me a proper bench to this height in the corner of the room so I can put both machines there ready to go which will be great as the light in there is really good the windows are behind and let in heaps of light midday. 

Am getting along with the strips for the quilt now, have cut out the next three batting strips and backing so its all ready to go and am now sewing up all the strips - fingers crossed I can get these first 5 panels done in the next few days and can then move onto the straight panels which are once colour and will be quilted maybe in some sort of loopy loop quilting - I will try and see how I go 


  1. gee, how cool is that, clever girl and yep will be perfect to have both machines there, wish I could organize mine like that in some way, I need a longer wall which I just dont have unless I knock out a wall, hubby just shook his head at my suggestion, lol

  2. Aunty Sharon, that looks great, and will make it so much easier on your back. I am jealous that you have a room that's got space in it....I certainly don't....must have something to do with the fact that I keep buying stuff...yikes. Hugs Naomi

    P.S. Useless trivia # 2 todays message is bought to you by the word boatized....see the other day was the first "proper" word, and I haven't had another since!