Sunday, December 27, 2009

Hubby (AKA Captain Caveman - AKA Crafter)

My Hubby (affectionately known as Captain Caveman)  is the poster NZ man who wears the black stubbie shorts, black singlet and gumboots who also fishes every weekend he can get away with it LOL....... 

Yesterday he disappears out the back of the house for the afternoon saying  he had things to do - he popped in side to ask me if I had any bits and bobs that were of a rustic nature in the "shop"  (AKA craft room) LOL... 

So after that comment I thought I had better go and see what he was up to.......  and here below is what he was making for a friend to hang on the front of her house at the beach.  Very surprising as he is not known for patience - actually has no patience normally at all -  things fly about in the air when he is fixing something LOL.........

Not bad for someone with no patience LOL.......mind am not sure about this new crafty side to him, there has been mention of a trip to Spotlight to have a look - I am not sure I want to share the crafting money two ways LOL LOL


  1. oh oh, sharing the crafting money two ways is not good, lol. CC has done a brillant job, tell him I need 3 please, lol.

  2. I like that! Tell him to make me one!!! LOL!

  3. way cool girl!!!.. love it :o))
    Sharon 2

  4. OMG Uncle Captain Caveman did a brilliant job. If you want me to put him off crafting, I'll text you and ask you what it's supposed to be? lol That way he may be deterred from wanting to make more stuff and wanting a cut of the crafting money! Hugs to you both. Naomi

  5. That is just too neat! I love it!

    Xoxoxxx Ree

  6. That is very nice Sharon but i have to agree i wouldn't be sharing my craft
    Hugs Lois

  7. It really is very nice. Good on him.

  8. oh ohhhh....CC wants in on the craft cash.....send him packing or should I say Khris