Friday, September 17, 2010

Feeling sorry for myself Waaaaaah

Wahhhhhh the girls from CRAFT yahoo group are gathering in Adelaide (Australia) this year for their get together, (I went last year and it was a blast)   and alas I was unable to go at the last minute - a lot to do with that damned money tree I planted which is taking longer than expected to come to bloom  

BUT next year its going to be huge and no way am I missing out so will be looking for cheap fares straight after Christmas and grabbing them fast LOL.........

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Partial sculpting pics

Thought I would pop up some pics of works in progress......   I have roughed in a hand for the previous head I made (well my first head LOL )  which is now attached to an armature but not much else going on there.  I made some eyes which I posted in a previous post so decided to make a head to test them out - now these eyes are not all the same size etc but I decided to test them anyways seeing as this is just learning for now...... so I made a head and mucked about with some pastels before it was baked.  when it came out of the oven I didn't like it at all so am now adding clay and seeing if I can fix it up a wee bit, hence why it looks a bit weird with the clay bits stuck on it....... ( I redid the mouth and it looked really bad so smooched it all off again)  Also my first clay body in progress, just the first rough of it nothing smoothed or sorted just getting the basics (I hope)    

Its fun to play with this so really nothing lost if things don't turn out its all learning and playing - which is the way I manage to keep myself afloat at the end of the working week, nothing feels better than going out to the craft studio and just sitting, whether I do anything or not or just look, it always feels good and puts me in a better place.  

The body is actually looking like a naked chicken      

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Quilt along

Phew, I have worked all day on a quilt along with the girls from CRAFT group.  We decided we would do strips to get rid of our bits and pieces and UGLY fabric LOL..   So I have sewn all day today and chatted with the girls by video conference, pretty cool to sit and sew and be able to see the other girls as they are sewing and also chat to them as if they are in the same room.   These girls were from Australia and the USA today so pretty cool indeed, I love technology.   So below are some pics of what I managed to get done today.

Box of scraps ready to go 

 Cat from hell who got told off for playing with the iron so decided to destroy some blocks
 WHO ME ????
 Blocks ready to be cut down to size think I did about 11 so far but need more

What the blocks will look like when sewn together