Sunday, December 14, 2008

Finally A Post to the blog


Whoops, its been a while - sorry about that - no excuses really apart from the fact that its nearly Christmas and work has been really busy.  Only 1 week to go before I have holidays though, YIPEEEE.   I figure that for the first few days I will have to clean the house YUK but its got to be done, have been a slack bum recently, but then the rest of my holiday should be crafting.  I want to play with some clay over Christmas so fingers crossed it doesn't all end up in the rubbish bin.......

I do have a few pictures to show, of bits and pieces that I've been playing with - so here we go - first The Cat From Hell........... hehe she looks like all innocence here but trust me she is as above LOL


Here is a wee man I am sort of working on, just making him up as I go to see how he pans out, am quite happy with how its going so far - apart from his shoes which I am going to redo next weekend.   I think he will look great all dressed up in his trousers and coat, once he has hair of course.


I am involved in an advent swap for which we send and receive 24 parcels starting from 1 December and then have a bigger one to open on 25th.  It is so much fun trying to find things for your partner and even more fun opening the presents each day.  Here are a few of mine that I have opened so far.........The first is a wee wallhanging of a dragon, its soo cool.


Next is a PURPLE doll wig, my fav colour, I just popped it onto an old dolls head I had laying about from ages ago, (you know - the one from the head trash bin) LOL LOL


And some pictures of more loot.................


And finally, I actually made myself a top last weekend, must be at least 25 years since I have sewn "big peoples" clothing, the pattern was a sod with some instructions missing but I managed to fudge my way through it.  Love the material and its a shame but the bottom is a bit tight around the tummy LOL.......... BUT  I have a new machine in the house as of last week, a Rowing Machine, so I expect to have a six pack at the end of Christmas holidays and then the top will fit just perfectly  ROFLMAO


Sunday, November 2, 2008

Doll Club Pictures - heaps

Well due to me still having problems with my back - not much getting done around here at the moment. BUT had doll club yesterday so have heaps of pictures to show - so there are a heap of pics below to have a look at. We have a lovely new lady who has joined us who makes the most exquisite bears as shown in my previous post, and lucky for us she showed us how she does her noses. As you will see we (apart from me who took the picture) all gathered around and were enthralled as she works so precise first time there was total silence in the room for more than 5 minutes LOL. She also brought in some exquisite ribbon embroidery which is just beautiful and really looks 3 dimensional, it was hard to get photos of them as they were behind glass but I did my best. The wee dolls the ladies were making were such fun and caused a riot of laughter as they made them. I played with some air drying clay on my poor chair that has been languishing for the past twelve months, but did manage to get more clay on it so hopefully will get it finished soon, it was just fun to play with the clay and a bit of to the pictures.................Ooops forgot I did make something the bag in the first picture is one I made up last weekend as I was getting frustrated not being able to sew LOL and second pictures are of an apron which one of the girls made for a birthday pressie......she refused to model it.

SANY0032 SANY0034
SANY0033 SANY0064
SANY0035 SANY0047
SANY0038 SANY0041
SANY0056 SANY0058
SANY0061 SANY0060
SANY0063 SANY0069
SANY0049 SANY0070
SANY0072 SANY0074

Sunday, October 19, 2008

A small update and doll club pictures

Well I am back again, not much happening here as I have a sore back and have been unable to sit for long which means no sewing.  BUT I do have a few photos of our doll club meeting to show.  As usual it was a bunch of laughs and I have photos of the girls making some dolls.  A lot of glue gunning was going on with these ones and the odd wee mistake happened and had to be unglued LOL...........We had a new lady join us this last month and she brought along her wee bears, they were exquisite and we all fell in love with the wee fella that I am going to show you that sits in the palm of her hand he was so tiny and the jointing made him all floppy and real feeling.



Sunday, September 28, 2008

Some craft I have been playing with

Have just been dabbling a bit in some patchwork and stitchery lately for something to do in front of the Television at night time so here are some pics of my stitchery ready to be stitched and a small bag I made last weekend.  Also a piccie of my wee granny she is only 7 inches tall to the top of her hat, needs another shoe though so not quite finished.
IMGP4104 IMGP4119

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Doll Club Photos

Here are some photos of my last Doll Club meeting, we put on a show of dolls as the local paper wanted to come in and do a feature on how the centre we rent is used.  Lots of eating, drinking and talking going on here as well as sewing.

I'm Needle Felting Woohooo

I have always wanted to try my hand at needlefelting but every time I have given it a try it has always turned out on a scale of poor to horrendous LOL.  Today I am starting a Tutorial on making a caterpillar and so far so good fingers crossed.   Anyone wanting to learn how to needlefelt  get on over to my friend Sharon's new blog as she has a free tutorial on there showing step by step instructions.  Sharon is a fantastic needlefelter and has made some absolutely fantastic characters.  Blog link is also in my sidebar, "house of pugish" but click on her name above to go directly there.


Thursday, September 25, 2008

Quick Post

Hello all, yep am still here just got super busy at work and have been blobbing out a bit on my weekends. The weather is perking up here and with daylight savings about to hit I will have more time at night after work to - play, update blog, play, LOL LOL...........
I do have a heap of photos to upload this weekend, last months Doll Club piccies, with heaps of dolls on show so took a pile of photos to show you all the fantastic dolls the girls make, also have made a small bag last weekend and started a stitchery which I have sewn my first decent bit of patchword around, I really enjoyed doing it and picking the a slew of piccies to come in a couple of days.............
Beter go and do some more work now.............

Sunday, August 31, 2008


Just a test to see how the Windows Live Writer adds to the blog.  Am going to try this one to see if it makes it any easier to upload and format, will let you all know if it is as good as it looks being able to type it all up, format it and then upload...........fingers crossed, off to find a picture of something to put in LOL


Ok so far so good got a pic, can set the margins where I want put a wee border around the piccie.........time to upload and see what it looks like...

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Lots of bits and pieces

Cripes I have not updated for the past couple of weeks, the weather has been appalling here and have just hunkered down and sat in front of the fire on the weekend. I have been mucking about with a few bits and pieces though but nothing finished as yet.............

I made this little insert for my handbag, its brilliant everything stays exactly where it should

Need to finish this little gal.........she has white hair that is half glued on now and she is tiny as you can see from my coffee mug..............

I signed up to an online class a while ago at Doll Street and have not had a chance yet to do the full class - which is fabulous, but have made something from it, just not quite finished as yet, its a small wall hanging called "the window" heaps of fun. I also painted some lace as well to use, so I have been doing some "stuff" but nothing finished, just dabbling a bit LOL