Sunday, October 19, 2008

A small update and doll club pictures

Well I am back again, not much happening here as I have a sore back and have been unable to sit for long which means no sewing.  BUT I do have a few photos of our doll club meeting to show.  As usual it was a bunch of laughs and I have photos of the girls making some dolls.  A lot of glue gunning was going on with these ones and the odd wee mistake happened and had to be unglued LOL...........We had a new lady join us this last month and she brought along her wee bears, they were exquisite and we all fell in love with the wee fella that I am going to show you that sits in the palm of her hand he was so tiny and the jointing made him all floppy and real feeling.




  1. Hi Sharon - I can sympathise with your back problems - not a pleasant thing to have. I love the dolls with the pointy shoes - what pattern are they from?
    Take care .... Anne

  2. Hi Sharon....glad your back is feeling least you are able to update your for sharing the pictures of the! I love that cute little bear!!! Well, hope your back continues to feel better!

  3. Some lovely work done there, and those bears are adorable!

  4. Just came to check if you have uploaded the pics of your doll club meeting, earlier this morning .... Looking forward to see what you all were up to!

  5. I love those little teddies so cute......
    Cath Ü