Sunday, December 16, 2007

Ok heres some more pics of the chair

I really dont know where Im going with this but boy am I having fun, just using what I have on hand in my sewing room.... Sorry the pics are not good but its that time of the evening when there are lots of shadows. And yes I chucked some paint at it - just to see what it would looks like.... (I know, I know, I am an impatient little sod)

Hello Again (big grin)

Hello, I'm back again he he....its so hot here at the moment phew just flopping about in the heat and not doing much, but another week and its Christmas holidays, whoopee I have some plans to sew and finally try and get my pattern finished.

I still felt like I wanted to muck about today though (as you do) and have been looking at the fantastic fantasy chairs on the net and have been intrigued and blown away by them. Soooo in my New Zealand number eight wire mentality (grin)..... I decided to have a go myself, even though I am unable to get the supplies that seem to be needed locally, (and cannot afford to get them in either) So the number eight wire (or equivalent) has come out and I am mucking about with a chair and some clay stuff I found in a store....... is heaps of fun and will be interesting to see if it works or not, not sure if the "stuff" will paint up or not, hey but that's half the fun of jumping in and having a go.................Here are some pics of the start of it - lets hope there is a finish eventually LOL........ waiting for the first bit to dry so I know if its worth carrying on. See the head on the bottom - spooky - but I love it.......what fun

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Finished Her

Well I carried on this evening and got her finished, I just wanted to see how the hair would look on her and I am quite pleased with how its come out.. Actually am pleased with the whole doll really considering I have not played with clay before, it was a good experience and a lot of fun. I hope you like her, I think she is rather cute.

Geez a whole month nearly with No Posts - Eeek

Have been so busy sorting out the website and of course real life work job....... but am back on track again I think, hmm sure I have said that before, Oh well it happens to everyone LOL..

I am waiting for some molds and patterns from Sherry Goshnan for my site so thought I should make up one that I have had rattling around in my doll patterns for a while. I love these molds, this is my first time doing this and I didnt really have much of a problem with it. The first couple of times I put the clay into the mold and took it out I wasnt happy with it so just smooched the clay up again and did it again until I was happy, then into the oven and all done in 15 mins.

So here is a couple of progress pics in the meantime, am shooting to have her finished tomorrow with hair and everything - hehe of course dolls look nothing with out their hair.

The Headless Doll - poor thing

No modesty here, had to show the bloomers

And here is my hand holding the head up to the neck