Saturday, December 1, 2007

Geez a whole month nearly with No Posts - Eeek

Have been so busy sorting out the website and of course real life work job....... but am back on track again I think, hmm sure I have said that before, Oh well it happens to everyone LOL..

I am waiting for some molds and patterns from Sherry Goshnan for my site so thought I should make up one that I have had rattling around in my doll patterns for a while. I love these molds, this is my first time doing this and I didnt really have much of a problem with it. The first couple of times I put the clay into the mold and took it out I wasnt happy with it so just smooched the clay up again and did it again until I was happy, then into the oven and all done in 15 mins.

So here is a couple of progress pics in the meantime, am shooting to have her finished tomorrow with hair and everything - hehe of course dolls look nothing with out their hair.

The Headless Doll - poor thing

No modesty here, had to show the bloomers

And here is my hand holding the head up to the neck

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