Sunday, March 30, 2008


Well its been a lovely wet day here and we are so happy as we really need some rain, we have had none for sooo long that we were going to lose some of our trees soon. Sooo I have been inside making a doll. This ones name is Gracie and she is a FREE pattern from Cathron Country Designs and shes a real cutie. Shes had the Sharon NZ face makeover LOL (sorry about the quality of the photos but its raining and I had to take them inside)

Monday, March 24, 2008

Two Dolls Finished.

Ok finished all the messy stuff - glue for miles and miles LOL....... but worth it in the end to get decent hairstyles on the girls. (The pattern that I made these girls from is available from Mystical Bears )

One Finished

One doll all finished so far.............sooo here she is...........

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Progress On Dolls

Ok have made some progress today, heads are on now and arms - plus the wire on the back to hang them from, and now onto the hair. Have partially done the hair on one but nowhere near finished as yet just started..........

Easter Buns

Well I am unable to eat Hot Cross buns at Easter due to the fruit in them, (I am allergic) soooo I decided to make me some today without the fruit in them........ Tadaaaaa and here they are......and they are yummy yummy yummy as well I can assure you..... Te He.......

Friday, March 21, 2008

Pincushions and Coasters

Well its Easter Friday break here, DH has just loaded up and gone fishing until Sunday so I have the weekend free. Housework is marginally done, well good enough for me unless I get visitors, Eeeeek..... sooooo a couple of days to sew. Have sewn up the arms ready to finish the dolls but ended up with a nasty headache today so instead took some better pics of some of the pincushions I have made recently. (forgot to take pics of most of them as they left the house LOL) and also have made some coasters - have had a lot of fun with these and have a whole heap more ready to sew up.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

More Pics

Ok we are on a roll here ....... some more pics of another doll further along. I hope to get the arms etc sorted tommorrow although I am meeting some girlfriends for lunch so wont have a huge amount of time in the morning. This ones body has been coloured in with pencils, I have just sprayed to seal it and when that dries I will sharpen up the details a bit and respray again.
(click for a larger pic)

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

New Pattern Pictures

Here are the pictures from the pattern I have been testing below........I think its wonderful, two different patterns and a little bear. As you can see below, it lends itself to all sorts of wonderful ideas in the clothing.

(click on the pics for a larger view)

Two Posts In One Day (Phewww)

I have taken a few days off work this week and have been sewing away like crazy today, I have been testing for a new pattern that is coming out soon from a friend of mine, (I just love it). It really appealed to my creative side as its not a big doll (those of you who have been watching my blog will know I like to do miniature or smallish dolls) you draw the clothes onto the doll and then colour them in with pencils. I of course decided to go mad and have started one with the pencils and also grabbed the paints and decided to draw jeans onto the other just for fun - now I am no picasso with the paint let me tell you, but I had a ball doing it so heres a sneak peek at my progress so far. I will update with the pics as I go along.....

Dont they look soooo funny without makes the doll LOL LOL

Long Time No See ..........

Well hello there again, sorry have been having life issues recently and just nose dived regarding any sort of crafting, but things have sorted themselves out again and now I am back into it and creating again. Firstly I had a birthday recently (well back in January) and I received a pile of fat quarters from the girls on the CRAFT yahoo group - I was also a lucky girl and received a ballerina cloth doll from a friend of mine in New Zealand, also named SHARON....hehe

sooo without further ado here is the pictures of what I received, I am thinking that I might try my first quilt with the material I got from the girls as the colours are all very complimentary.