Wednesday, March 19, 2008

More Pics

Ok we are on a roll here ....... some more pics of another doll further along. I hope to get the arms etc sorted tommorrow although I am meeting some girlfriends for lunch so wont have a huge amount of time in the morning. This ones body has been coloured in with pencils, I have just sprayed to seal it and when that dries I will sharpen up the details a bit and respray again.
(click for a larger pic)


  1. Great Sharon! I like the colors on this one. I see you added your fabulous new picture with the great haircut!!
    hugs Karen

  2. Oooh Sharon, is this for moi? I love what you have done so are. you go girl!

  3. As always fantastic job Sharon.. I love what you do...and I am glad I can count Sharon NZ and Sharon 2 as my friends.....LOL
    You inspire me to greater things with my doll making you truly do....
    Cath Ü