Sunday, February 21, 2010

Wii Fit results

Well managed to get the wii fit plus setup up and got through the start   MY AGE ON THEIR WAS  57  OMG mind could have been worse could have been 70 eh........ROFLMAO

MY BMI was in the high ideal range so interesting indeed.

Now all is setup I need to decide on a personal training thing....... will look at that later and decide which things I want to do.  This is going to be very interesting indeed but looks fun and doesn't look like it will be as boring as riding a stationary bike etc............

Hi out there sorry to not post for a while

Hi, sorry for not posting for a bit, life gets in the way every now and again - sod it LOL

I NEED SLEEP is my new saying for this month LOL - Seems since I hit the big 50 a month or so ago EEEEEEKKK   that my body decided - OK you are 50 now so lets get some serious life stuff going on here.   So unfortunate us women have to go through this nasty menopause shite thing - but we all have to deal with it at some stage  no getting away from it at all.  (apart from my 73 year old neighbor who tells me all the time she didn't have anything and glided through.  She actually smiles when she tells me that, boy if she only knew how good I am getting at the boxing game on the wii  he-he)

 I have started a granny square which I think I will just keep adding to, something to do while sitting in the lounge at night and it is crafting at least LOL...... am hoping that a few nights sleep will get me all sorted again and raring to get out in that craft room of mine and finish my quilt and start  new stuff. 

I did go and buy a wii this weekend so am hoping that the wii fit thingy will give me some enjoyable exercise which cant hurt can it LOL........ I'm not really a great exerciser, mind I do get plenty in my job as I am up and down stairs all day so get a reasonable workout during the week.

OK of to have a play with this wii thingy and see if I can sort it out.......... I know it gives you your real age at the beginning when it scans you - I think I might be horrified at what that will be LOL but I shall update with what it says..........

Sunday, February 7, 2010

New Material and Table Runner

Phew had some busy times the last couple of weeks - a bit of family stuff that took a bit of time and of course my full time job.  I wanted to show some pictures of material that has arrived here for me recently, some really yummy stuff which I am dying to get into.  BUT BUT ........ still have the quilt to finish before I can go wild with these so best get stuck into it again shortly.  

This lot of material I actually brought back in November from an Etsy seller and it never arrived, I was a bit gutted as I wanted it to finish the wallhanging that I have started.  I contacted the seller after Christmas to advise that it still hadnt turned up so thought someone else had a nice Christmas present on me the sods.  Anyways the nice lady sent me some more fabric and this arrived in 7 days so I was really really stoked to get it.


Now this lovely lovely lot below is my birthday present from the girls at CRAFT group, man I always wanted a jelly roll, now I have two of them to play with, I can see a quilt for my bed out of these in my future.


And finally today I made up a quick table runner for the dining room, I have changed things in there to make it a second sort of sitting room which is handy.  We had visitors at our place last Wednesday night and I notice they all ended up sitting in the dining room on the couches chatting while I was making coffee etc, was really cosy.  Sorry not great pics as the room is a bit hard to take pics in, its not a dark room so not sure what happens there but there you go LOL