Sunday, February 7, 2010

New Material and Table Runner

Phew had some busy times the last couple of weeks - a bit of family stuff that took a bit of time and of course my full time job.  I wanted to show some pictures of material that has arrived here for me recently, some really yummy stuff which I am dying to get into.  BUT BUT ........ still have the quilt to finish before I can go wild with these so best get stuck into it again shortly.  

This lot of material I actually brought back in November from an Etsy seller and it never arrived, I was a bit gutted as I wanted it to finish the wallhanging that I have started.  I contacted the seller after Christmas to advise that it still hadnt turned up so thought someone else had a nice Christmas present on me the sods.  Anyways the nice lady sent me some more fabric and this arrived in 7 days so I was really really stoked to get it.


Now this lovely lovely lot below is my birthday present from the girls at CRAFT group, man I always wanted a jelly roll, now I have two of them to play with, I can see a quilt for my bed out of these in my future.


And finally today I made up a quick table runner for the dining room, I have changed things in there to make it a second sort of sitting room which is handy.  We had visitors at our place last Wednesday night and I notice they all ended up sitting in the dining room on the couches chatting while I was making coffee etc, was really cosy.  Sorry not great pics as the room is a bit hard to take pics in, its not a dark room so not sure what happens there but there you go LOL




  1. P.S: love the fabrics your received.:)

  2. Perfect fabric choices. Really, really nice. And, your table runner is lovely. You have been busy.

  3. Glad your fabric, well the 2nd lot, finally turned up, love the gear we all got you for your birthday and the table runner looks good....I'll have a couple in different sizes please!!!! Hugs Naomi

  4. Love it all....way to go chicky. Hugs Khris

  5. Well, this fabric is very pretty! I love it all! The chairs and those pillows look really comfy and the table runner is just the right touch! The birthday haul is gorgeous...looks like Lila Tuella fabric! love it!!!!!

  6. Love love love all the fabric you got!!!
    You have done a great job on the tablerunner too1!

  7. Your flower quilt be be fabulous from the new fabrics. I really like the read and green one.
    Your birthday fabrics are wonderful. Nice that you got two charm packs of each line. It makes a lot larger quilt with the jelly rolls you got.
    The tablerunner is a hit!! Very nice and so quick too!! I love blue and yellow. That is what color our bedroom has.
    hugs Karen

  8. Wow great lot of Fabrics there! Good that the lady came through and you got it this time round :o)... love the table runner and boy what a difference a change round makes eh...well done!

    Sharon 2

  9. Everything is so lovely! I really like that fabric with the red background.

  10. Oh those jelly rolls and squares are so yummy, love your choices and how clever are you smarty bum, the runner is great and love the quilting on it.
    hugs Diana

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  12. What a beautiful collection of them all. Happy belated birthday too!!
    Take care,