Sunday, July 27, 2008

Shoes Shoes and more Shoes (grin)

This is a post for all those serious shoe lovers hehe...........I received a letter in the mail on Friday from a shoe retailer here in New Zealand, AND I won a competition that was run in one of our magazines.......... The prize was $3000.00 yes you read that right............ worth of shoes to be brought over the next twelve months...... mind boggling, especially as right at this moment they are having buy two get one free (BIG GRIN).......Sooo hubby and myself took ourselves of to the shoe shop today to do a small bit of damage, we got 6 pairs of shoes each - so 12 pairs of shoes and got 4 of them free, well actually we got them all free, but 4 of them didnt come of my amount of credit at the shop.........

Sooo heres my purchases, still will go back in a couple of months and get kitted out for summer..

these two are very comfy with a solid heel great for under my longer jeans

a lighter weight slipper and very soft

the black ones have some serious long pointy toes going on LOL cant see them in this picture but they are seriously long and pointly
Now these were a purchase that I dont know if I will be able to wear, but they were comfy and they looked fantastic on, quite a few women grabbed some when they saw me wearing them in the shop - I couldnt not get them.
And my favorite purchases CROC gumboots....... I love them - seriously expensive for gumboots but they will last me forever and such great colours as well.................

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Freebie sign up at Cathron Country Designs

Cath at is offering Freebie Stitcheries on her site, all you have to do is email her to be put on the list to receive the little stitcheries - 26 in all to be made into a pop on over to the blog and get signed up she does wonderfully cute stitcheries and paintings, the one on my previous post was one of Caths and its soo cute.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

First Day Working In The New "Studio"

Well today was the first day I have had a chance to really get out into the "studio" and play about to see how it all works. I am pleased to say that it works really well, having the table in the middle of the room is fantastic as it doesnt matter where I sit at the bench or the desk, the table is within reach to swing the chair about to so gives me an extra area close by. I love being able to get right around the table to cut as well, this works really well. What didnt work was trying to get some "stuff" ironed so I decided to make myself an ironing station out of a bit of board I had handy......... turned out pretty good if I say so myself - love using the staple gun hehe.
Also finished off my first stitchery and decided to make it into a small wall hanging......Eeek, well it got unpicked multiple times and in the end I just decided to finish the blighter (a quilter I am not) anyways she looks ok on the wall even though there are lots of wobbly bits and it certainly can not be called square by any stretch of the imagination. I figure I will leave her on the wall as she is cute and when (if) I get any better at this quilting lark I can look back to see from whence I came ...............

Doll Club Day

I forgot to put up the picks of our last doll club day so here they are .......most of the girls dont have internet so dont get to see these LOL....... I do tell them that their pictures are up on the blog for the world to see.......hmm I wonder if they realise really .....hehe.........still they are a fun bunch and we have a great time, I look forward to seeing the girls once a month to chat about dolls and sewing and whatever takes our fancy, and also have subway for lunch.
Do you think we look cold, woolly hats and coats on - that was the day it snowed basically here - first time that I can ever remember and boy were we rugged up for the day...
Have a look at the beautiful bags that Gwen brought along. She had knitted them with beads and they were simply beautiful, she had also made the most fantastic little boxes to put them into so they were a whole gorgeous package.
(click on the pics for a larger view)

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Ive been drawing and look what Hubby brought me

Woohoo I have been having small play with my pencils, these will be looking out a small window for a wee wall hanging quilt..........AND look what I got this afternoon, my husband came back from town not with the elcheapo little oven I sent him off for but the super deluxe model wohoooo, this is for me to try doing some clay in.......all in all a good day


Finally finished the rooms, phew a marathon effort but its all done, dont you just love the cerise pink blinds I dooo - have made the pics small as there will be lots of them so click on them for the bigger pictures. I hope you enjoy looking around the room as much as I will enjoy being in there. I hope I havent lost my sewing mojo its been soooo long since I have been able to make anything. Also have to do a few more things like finish the false fireplace and paint the coffee table, but that will be enjoyable to do later on as a craft project LOL

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