Sunday, July 27, 2008

Shoes Shoes and more Shoes (grin)

This is a post for all those serious shoe lovers hehe...........I received a letter in the mail on Friday from a shoe retailer here in New Zealand, AND I won a competition that was run in one of our magazines.......... The prize was $3000.00 yes you read that right............ worth of shoes to be brought over the next twelve months...... mind boggling, especially as right at this moment they are having buy two get one free (BIG GRIN).......Sooo hubby and myself took ourselves of to the shoe shop today to do a small bit of damage, we got 6 pairs of shoes each - so 12 pairs of shoes and got 4 of them free, well actually we got them all free, but 4 of them didnt come of my amount of credit at the shop.........

Sooo heres my purchases, still will go back in a couple of months and get kitted out for summer..

these two are very comfy with a solid heel great for under my longer jeans

a lighter weight slipper and very soft

the black ones have some serious long pointy toes going on LOL cant see them in this picture but they are seriously long and pointly
Now these were a purchase that I dont know if I will be able to wear, but they were comfy and they looked fantastic on, quite a few women grabbed some when they saw me wearing them in the shop - I couldnt not get them.
And my favorite purchases CROC gumboots....... I love them - seriously expensive for gumboots but they will last me forever and such great colours as well.................


  1. woohooo....awesome purchases Sharon. I love the first set...they are realy nice. Hugs Khris

  2. Way to go Sharon... love the red ones....
    Cath Ü

  3. wooozerrs good to see some serious purchases there..Miss Sharon Imelda,
    gawd you have a tiny foot.
    cheers Vickie

  4. WOW - what a wonderful prize - congratulations!!!!! Remember to keep those Crocs out of the sun (story on Fair Go).
    Cheers .... Anne

  5. Great going Sharon! I myself could only wear the slippers and gumboots as my feet don't do heels! Can't wait to see what you get for summer. I suppose that Peter got all the same shoe! LOL
    hugs Karen

  6. Tart !!! I am greeeen with envy - u will need the croc gumies in NZ - love the red boots - hope you got a 81/2 for your ozzie friend to fall in love with when she returns.
    Did Pet get black crocs !!!!
    Miss you Luv Jo

  7. Some great shoes there Sharon, love the boots!!