Sunday, July 20, 2008

Doll Club Day

I forgot to put up the picks of our last doll club day so here they are .......most of the girls dont have internet so dont get to see these LOL....... I do tell them that their pictures are up on the blog for the world to see.......hmm I wonder if they realise really .....hehe.........still they are a fun bunch and we have a great time, I look forward to seeing the girls once a month to chat about dolls and sewing and whatever takes our fancy, and also have subway for lunch.
Do you think we look cold, woolly hats and coats on - that was the day it snowed basically here - first time that I can ever remember and boy were we rugged up for the day...
Have a look at the beautiful bags that Gwen brought along. She had knitted them with beads and they were simply beautiful, she had also made the most fantastic little boxes to put them into so they were a whole gorgeous package.
(click on the pics for a larger view)


  1. Wow Sharon! Tell Gwen her bags are gorgeous!! They look little! The Jill Maas dolls are great and so are the gollies. You guys sure have fun!
    hugs Karen

  2. Tell the girls.. everything looks fantastic... love the little bags in the boxes..
    Cath Ü