Sunday, September 23, 2007

Mucking About and UFO's

Well its the weekend and have heaps on my plate this week so to speak, so really have not felt much like sewing this weekend. Although I did feel like painting so decided to paint another little face that I had lying about here, which I just love doing. Pictures below - not quite finished yet, I need to do a bit more blending etc and a bit more shading yet to finish off.

We have been having a discussion about UFO's in my favorite Yahoo group, CRAFT, and I replied to one of the posts with the following, which I thought I would share with you all - it works for me.

"Well I dont have any UFO's mainly because this year I have decided that if I am making something and I am hating it or not enjoying it then out it goes...........I am doing this because

a) I want to
b) I want to have fun
c) I enjoy creating

so if it doesnt come under a, b or c.................then in the rubbish it goes. I figure if I dont enjoy doing it now I am not going to enjoy doing it later either ........and no guilt trip cause I never see it again to agonise over"

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Project Finished

Ok not quite finished but good enough, just the wee legs to sew on but all done apart from that. Am quite pleased to actually get something finished in a day, usually its about two to three weeks for me to get myself sorted, just what I needed to make me feel like I have accomplished something this weekend. Spent the afternoon in bed yesterday not feeling the best, and I totally hate doing that, what a waste of a day, my weekends are very precious to me for creating and crafting so get quite huffy when something interferes with it ....... LOL

(click on the pic for a larger one)

Todays Project

I have started a little project this weekend, a bit different than what I normally make, but I just decided to do something simple and fun for the weekend then I shall get back and finish my doll which is languishing in the craft room. It doesn't look much at the moment but it really is very cute, of course the head is not stuffed as yet and was just posed against the body for the progress pic and needs the nose bit appliqued on and of course eyes etc. I have appliqued a star on the body and you can see that I had a little bit of fun with the motif inside the star, makes me laugh every time I look at it, the cheeky little sod. If you didn't already realise I like to do fairly small dolls most of the time so this pattern is reduced down by quite a bit to make it a miniature. Sorry for the dark photos, as the material is country colours its hard to get a clear pic, will try to get a better one once it is finished.

(click on pics for a larger image)

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Birthday Parcels

I have two internet friends whose birthdays are one day apart this month... Hmm Internet friends, friends I have never met in person but friends nontheless who I talk to every day without fail and I cannot imagine not talking to these girls (and all my internet friends) We share laughs, tears, birthdays, photos of our family and crafts, in fact we share our lives. So I have sent of two parcels today, one to America to Karen M whose birthday is 21 September so I hope it gets there in time for her to open on the day and the other to a friend I have here in New Zealand whose birthday is 22nd September. This friend is called Lily (but her real name is Sharon) and she is a very special friend even though we have never met. We have found in talking that our lives have had certain parallels outside of having the same name. Lily has helped me to learn about sewing techniques, fabrics, all sorts of neat new products and just being my cheerleader extraordinaire. We have a special connection I think, if thats the word, its a hard one to put into words but I thank you Lily for your special friendship and am grateful that we connected over the net, you have made my life all the richer for knowing you.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Thanks, to all of you who come by and read my blog and leave comments, it is truly appreciated.

Monday, September 10, 2007

At last a finished doll

At last i have managed to get one of my faces onto a doll body and finished, I wasnt happy with this body so it took me a while to get sorted in my mind how I was going to dress and embellish to make it look ok. Hope you all like her and now will continue on and get the other one finished hopefully later this week. The hair is a mixture of lavendar, white and pink tibetan lambskin and it looks much better in person, (well I think so LOL) the decoration on the arms and top of the skirt is really sparkly and I made it from a mix of different coloured holeless beads and glitter, its a shame that the camera has not managed to pick up how shiny and sparkly this looks.

(click on pictures for larger view)

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Fathers Day

Its Fathers Day here in New Zealand today and my husband Peter and I have been to see my dad this morning for a visit. We had a lovely time and dads friend Ngaire baked us some yummy cheese muffins which my husband demolished in no time flat......Dad has just had a hip operation and has had problems with ulcers on his leg since, but today we thought he looked great, dad had his 70th birthday last Christmas and we had a party for him. I made him a doll for his birthday from a pattern by Kate Erbach which was great fun to make. Below is a photo of my dad and the doll I made for him....... (see any likeness...........)