Thursday, September 13, 2007

Birthday Parcels

I have two internet friends whose birthdays are one day apart this month... Hmm Internet friends, friends I have never met in person but friends nontheless who I talk to every day without fail and I cannot imagine not talking to these girls (and all my internet friends) We share laughs, tears, birthdays, photos of our family and crafts, in fact we share our lives. So I have sent of two parcels today, one to America to Karen M whose birthday is 21 September so I hope it gets there in time for her to open on the day and the other to a friend I have here in New Zealand whose birthday is 22nd September. This friend is called Lily (but her real name is Sharon) and she is a very special friend even though we have never met. We have found in talking that our lives have had certain parallels outside of having the same name. Lily has helped me to learn about sewing techniques, fabrics, all sorts of neat new products and just being my cheerleader extraordinaire. We have a special connection I think, if thats the word, its a hard one to put into words but I thank you Lily for your special friendship and am grateful that we connected over the net, you have made my life all the richer for knowing you.


  1. Wow Sharon, I am looking forward to my birthday parcel! You are my internet friend too and I hope someday to be able to meet you in person! What a day that would be!
    hugs Karen

  2. I feel the same way Sharon. I have many internet friends and you being one of them. We share our lives, families, hopes, disappointments just as if we lived next door to each other. What wonderful technology we have to be able to share it with people in different countries. Hugs, Khris