Sunday, September 23, 2007

Mucking About and UFO's

Well its the weekend and have heaps on my plate this week so to speak, so really have not felt much like sewing this weekend. Although I did feel like painting so decided to paint another little face that I had lying about here, which I just love doing. Pictures below - not quite finished yet, I need to do a bit more blending etc and a bit more shading yet to finish off.

We have been having a discussion about UFO's in my favorite Yahoo group, CRAFT, and I replied to one of the posts with the following, which I thought I would share with you all - it works for me.

"Well I dont have any UFO's mainly because this year I have decided that if I am making something and I am hating it or not enjoying it then out it goes...........I am doing this because

a) I want to
b) I want to have fun
c) I enjoy creating

so if it doesnt come under a, b or c.................then in the rubbish it goes. I figure if I dont enjoy doing it now I am not going to enjoy doing it later either ........and no guilt trip cause I never see it again to agonise over"


  1. But what really love the just haven't had time to finish's been a long time since you worked on want to finish it?

  2. I think for sure if you don't like it get rid of it. But usually my UFO's just get put aside for a moment because I start something else and then the moment turns into a week, month and a

  3. What a cute face! But of course it is getting easier isn't it! That's how you know you are getting want to fdo the faces! When I saw the UFO in title the first think I thought of was not unfinished projects but tinfoil hats!! LOL
    hugs Karen

  4. The face is beautiful. Have you decided on the body yet?

  5. Thanks Shashi, nope no sewing done, but I will get there and do a body for the poor thing LOL

    hugs sharon

  6. The decision is easy, but putting it in the rubbish is the hard part! I have some dolls I could do that with if I ever got the strength to do so!