Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Im Back Again

I suppose you all thought I had fallen off the planet LOL.......... no have just been super busy over the past month with a heap of work (in my day job) and have just launched a website here in New Zealand, so that has been taking all my time up..

If anyone would like to take a look here is my site............... - let me know what you think.

No crafting for the past few weeks and boy am I feeling it, I need to get back to that sewing machine very soon and make something or finish something would be good. I have started a neat stitchery by Angels in Disguise and am loving doing it, its so much fun and not hard to do at all, so hope to have some pictures to share with everyone after the weekend.

Ok am off to bed shortly but will be updating again regularly from now on - happy sewing everyone

Hugs Sharon


  1. Hey Sharon, maybe not fell off but were abducted because you have been so busy with your new website you forgot to wear your tinfoil hat!!! Love the website! So easy. Sometimes on websites I have to click a zillion times to get where I want and it is frustrating, Especially on dial-up. Glad yours is one clicks away!!! Maybe one time I will order from you (despite shipping) to say I got an order today from New Zealand!!!
    hugs Karen

  2. Hello Sharon,
    What a love Blog you have just thought I would let you know. Let me know when you do a new doll would love to see it.
    Aletha from WORD