Saturday, August 29, 2009

Pressies - yipeeeeee

Some of you might know that I am off for a big adventure in three weeks - I am off to Australia for approx 10 days and am going to meet some of the girls from my yahoo group CRAFT , its so exciting but also very scary as I hate - hate - hate flying so its a big deal for me to do this LOL..

Yesterday I opened my mailbox and there was a parcel in there from Australia, from my friend Naomi, and below is what was in it, it was like she read my mind or similar LOL, I have borrowed a lovely big suitcase from my friends which is black and was pondering how the heck I would find my one in amongst all the others - just a small stress LOL.... and low and behold I now have the most gorgeous luggage tags in the world which no one else will have so no problem at all identifying which bag is mine.. hehe also in my parcel was the wee pouch which is what the tags were in and a neat bag which can go across my body, this has so many pockets in it its not funny - I just love it, I love the whole lot, not to mention the colours are just me to a tee, and the sewing on these is simply superb I have to tell you - they look much better up close and personal than in the photos I can promise you. I feel so very lucky to have received this - THANKS SO MUCH NAOMI - see you in three weeks my girl LOL

And heres another photo of my wee giraffe - everyone though it was blue and green, NO WAY this baby is purple and green - hehe.........

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Baby Giraffe

I have been working on some "secret" sewing which cant be revealed for a while yet, but I have been sewing I can assure you all. Yesterday I decided to take a break from what I had been doing and run up one of these Giraffes which are easy and very cute. I reduced this pattern down to just under 50% so the wee horns are about as thick as two toothpicks put together LOL, I found a way to get them turned and attached after much @@@**** etc LOL (must admit the eyes need adjusting, I think in hindsight doing it this small I would have not used felt for the eyes and would have drawn them on, anyways it was a fun project to do and very cute.) size of baby giraffe would be approx 8.5 - 9 inches tall.

Pics from Doll Club

Last month I was really tired and didnt go to Doll Club but went this month and have a few pics for you, still working on the needlecase, have the pattern drawn out nicely on the computer now so need to make another one up from the pattern - I am a slow poke, mainly because working full time cramps my style sometimes - mind the weather is starting to pick up here so that always lifts the spirits somewhat and also gives more creating daylight after work, after hunkering down in the cold winter months.

Mother of the bride - Jill Maas

I went and brought this pattern after seeing this doll made up, must have a go at it as its pretty funky LOL

Wee teddy bear one of the girls was making

All working hard, hmm looks like a lot of reading going on hehe

One of the members is hand appliquing this quilt, its wonderful and she is doing an awesome job of it - its got fantails in the border and they look really great