Saturday, August 29, 2009

Pressies - yipeeeeee

Some of you might know that I am off for a big adventure in three weeks - I am off to Australia for approx 10 days and am going to meet some of the girls from my yahoo group CRAFT , its so exciting but also very scary as I hate - hate - hate flying so its a big deal for me to do this LOL..

Yesterday I opened my mailbox and there was a parcel in there from Australia, from my friend Naomi, and below is what was in it, it was like she read my mind or similar LOL, I have borrowed a lovely big suitcase from my friends which is black and was pondering how the heck I would find my one in amongst all the others - just a small stress LOL.... and low and behold I now have the most gorgeous luggage tags in the world which no one else will have so no problem at all identifying which bag is mine.. hehe also in my parcel was the wee pouch which is what the tags were in and a neat bag which can go across my body, this has so many pockets in it its not funny - I just love it, I love the whole lot, not to mention the colours are just me to a tee, and the sewing on these is simply superb I have to tell you - they look much better up close and personal than in the photos I can promise you. I feel so very lucky to have received this - THANKS SO MUCH NAOMI - see you in three weeks my girl LOL

And heres another photo of my wee giraffe - everyone though it was blue and green, NO WAY this baby is purple and green - hehe.........


  1. Hi Sharon....
    lucky you...getting to go to the retreat! lol... isn't Naomi just sweet..I like her surprise package! really right on time...and oooooo that is gorgeous...the green and purple!

  2. wow great stuff there ... Naomi is a fantastic sewer lucky thing ...should have arrived to me LOL Great Giraffe and yep def purple and green ...mind I have that exact fabric too so easy to tell LOL so how much did you reduce the pattern to get that size?

    Sharon 2

  3. Well isn't Naomi a sweetheart! Now you can find your luggage which is quite hard sometimes lots of bags looking alike and all. The PURPLE and green giraffe is so cute. I have to make it!!
    hugs Karen

  4. wooohoooo....Naomi knew that fabric was yours when we got it........hugs Khris

  5. Oh what a sweet friend that girl is, well done Naomi perfect gifts for Sharon's big trip over to see us. And yep the giraffe is purple n green, lol, he's terrific.
    Hugs Diana

  6. Very very nice. Have a great trip and time at the retread. I am so jealous.....Marilyn

  7. Love it... you are very lucky... lucky it arrived at your place and not at Sharon 2's place... you know how Naomi gets you two mixed up... LOL
    can't wait to see you in person and yes I will be at the airport to pick you up....LOL
    Cath Ü

  8. You all know me so well...the day after I sent it I double checked with Khris that I'd sent it to the right Sharon! lmao Girl, an Aunty like you deserves to get a surprise and a way of recognising your luggage was something I thought looked like you could make use of! The giraffe looks so cute....and such lovely I'm guessing Sharon2 is going to make one now and throw even more confusion around for me! lol Hugs and glad you liked your pressie. Naomi

  9. Have only been a member of CRAFT for a short while, but gee wizz, I wish I was going to your retreat. You are all a great bunch.

  10. ohh guess what I got today at Spotties for $5 metre?