Sunday, August 9, 2009

Pics from Doll Club

Last month I was really tired and didnt go to Doll Club but went this month and have a few pics for you, still working on the needlecase, have the pattern drawn out nicely on the computer now so need to make another one up from the pattern - I am a slow poke, mainly because working full time cramps my style sometimes - mind the weather is starting to pick up here so that always lifts the spirits somewhat and also gives more creating daylight after work, after hunkering down in the cold winter months.

Mother of the bride - Jill Maas

I went and brought this pattern after seeing this doll made up, must have a go at it as its pretty funky LOL

Wee teddy bear one of the girls was making

All working hard, hmm looks like a lot of reading going on hehe

One of the members is hand appliquing this quilt, its wonderful and she is doing an awesome job of it - its got fantails in the border and they look really great


  1. I know I like looking at the tiny works, not sure if I would make one of the tiny dolls! So far I've made two jointed dollies....pindolls I guess....but the work of the doll group looks very good and that quilt!

  2. Wow the applique quilt is awesome, lots of hours in the making of that one.

  3. as usual fantastic work from the doll group ladies...
    Love the quilt....
    Cath Ü