Sunday, August 31, 2008


Just a test to see how the Windows Live Writer adds to the blog.  Am going to try this one to see if it makes it any easier to upload and format, will let you all know if it is as good as it looks being able to type it all up, format it and then upload...........fingers crossed, off to find a picture of something to put in LOL


Ok so far so good got a pic, can set the margins where I want put a wee border around the piccie.........time to upload and see what it looks like...

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Lots of bits and pieces

Cripes I have not updated for the past couple of weeks, the weather has been appalling here and have just hunkered down and sat in front of the fire on the weekend. I have been mucking about with a few bits and pieces though but nothing finished as yet.............

I made this little insert for my handbag, its brilliant everything stays exactly where it should

Need to finish this little gal.........she has white hair that is half glued on now and she is tiny as you can see from my coffee mug..............

I signed up to an online class a while ago at Doll Street and have not had a chance yet to do the full class - which is fabulous, but have made something from it, just not quite finished as yet, its a small wall hanging called "the window" heaps of fun. I also painted some lace as well to use, so I have been doing some "stuff" but nothing finished, just dabbling a bit LOL

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Doggie Coat

My poor wee doggie is getting a bit old and she now has to go in her kennel when we are not home as loud noises have started to spook her and she has run away from home a couple of times and nearly killed us with worry trying to find her. Sooo this winter is exceptionally nasty I decided she needs a wee coat for when she is in the kennel. I whipped one up this afternoon after making a quick paper pattern, hmmm it is not a fantastic fit so will need to go back to the drawing board but its nearly there just needs to be a bit longer from under the "underleg in the front to the middle of her belly........ lovely and warm though as its you can see she doesnt seem to like it all that much but put up with it for me to take some pics LOL LOL

Doll Club Day Out

Yesterday I had Doll Club so thought I would share some more pictures with you all, as usual we had a lot of laughs - I didnt do much apart from talk and laugh and eat.........oh and drink ....hehe

Margaret had made the doll in Pink, shes just gorgeous, and the girls who did the Frumpy Grumpy class are still making them - LOL

I had a skite and tell, I got sent this gorgeous critter from my friend Eefje from The Netherlands and the girls just loved it.....also got to meet another internet friend when I was away this week and I came home with the needle felted skunk, which is just totally awe inspiring.

Girls hard at work..............