Sunday, November 2, 2008

Doll Club Pictures - heaps

Well due to me still having problems with my back - not much getting done around here at the moment. BUT had doll club yesterday so have heaps of pictures to show - so there are a heap of pics below to have a look at. We have a lovely new lady who has joined us who makes the most exquisite bears as shown in my previous post, and lucky for us she showed us how she does her noses. As you will see we (apart from me who took the picture) all gathered around and were enthralled as she works so precise first time there was total silence in the room for more than 5 minutes LOL. She also brought in some exquisite ribbon embroidery which is just beautiful and really looks 3 dimensional, it was hard to get photos of them as they were behind glass but I did my best. The wee dolls the ladies were making were such fun and caused a riot of laughter as they made them. I played with some air drying clay on my poor chair that has been languishing for the past twelve months, but did manage to get more clay on it so hopefully will get it finished soon, it was just fun to play with the clay and a bit of to the pictures.................Ooops forgot I did make something the bag in the first picture is one I made up last weekend as I was getting frustrated not being able to sew LOL and second pictures are of an apron which one of the girls made for a birthday pressie......she refused to model it.

SANY0032 SANY0034
SANY0033 SANY0064
SANY0035 SANY0047
SANY0038 SANY0041
SANY0056 SANY0058
SANY0061 SANY0060
SANY0063 SANY0069
SANY0049 SANY0070
SANY0072 SANY0074