Saturday, September 5, 2009

Doll Club

My monthly club meeting was today, its always been called a "cloth doll club" but really we all do all sorts of crafts, from cloth dolls, quilting, embroidery and lace making. We always have a really fun time and lots of laughs, food and coffee LOL........ so below are some pics of the show and tell from today, I cant show mine as its secret stuff LOL.......

Some pincushions Pam made, they are really lovely and are cross stitched and then made, I cant remember the name of the pincushion but its all funny angles when finished and really different.

heres the ladies deep in conversation, we were all discussing doll faces here as a new lady thought you just brought the faces already done so we were explaining that nope you have to make em yourself.

Jill Mas pattern Beryl had made up and brought in to show

Two gollies that Margaret our resident gollie lady made, shes now making a golly teacosy

A gorgeous quilt that Beryl has made for her grandaughter - its just so pretty and parts of the border are done with a sparkly material so its just perfect for a wee girl.


  1. What a neat group. Thanks for sharing your friend.

  2. I would imagine the new girls expression over finding out you have to make the doll faces yourselves, was pretty much the same face I had as a kid when I found out quilts weren't like multi coloured wool and just printed onto have to cut and sew each piece together! Boy was I bummed! lol Those pincushions do look interesting. Let the ladies know next meeting I was very impressed with ALL their work. Hugs Naomi

  3. Looks like all you ladies had fun! I love the pincushions and the dolls are very pretty....oooo, that quilt is gorgeous as well....nice stuff, I wanna come and join in the fun! lol!

  4. Lots of lovely craft work there! It is great when friends can get together. Regards, Nessie

  5. geez that Beryl looks like a bit of a floozy there...could have at least sat with her legs crossed...LOL
    Hugs Khris