Sunday, September 2, 2007

Fathers Day

Its Fathers Day here in New Zealand today and my husband Peter and I have been to see my dad this morning for a visit. We had a lovely time and dads friend Ngaire baked us some yummy cheese muffins which my husband demolished in no time flat......Dad has just had a hip operation and has had problems with ulcers on his leg since, but today we thought he looked great, dad had his 70th birthday last Christmas and we had a party for him. I made him a doll for his birthday from a pattern by Kate Erbach which was great fun to make. Below is a photo of my dad and the doll I made for him....... (see any likeness...........)


  1. Fabulous doll Sharon....great pic of you dad too....great to hear he is feeling better.

    I have nominated you for a Name Tag Game - please visit my blog "sewprimfriends" to have some fun. Hugs, Khris

  2. Ohhh YES there is definately a HUGE likeness!!! Hugs, Khris

  3. I can definitely see the likeness between your dad and you - not sure about your dad and the doll though!

  4. Great doll Sharon! I think I told you that when you made it. Glad your dad is doing better. Did you ever ask about oxygen therapy for his ulcers? I do see a resemblence and your dad is quite handsome!
    hugs Karen

  5. Sharon---
    Great Doll!!!
    Of course I see a resemblance with you and your father---it's amazing...
    He is one HANDSOME Man-Wowzer!!!



  6. The doll is fantastic Sharon!!! I love him!!!
    I can see the likeness between you and your dad.

  7. You've made a wonderful doll. Another proof of your talent in making great faces. This doll has a sense of humour and shows great skill. Love it!

  8. You have done me so proud with your rendition of my pattern. I think your work is wonderful and love your face drawing.
    Kate Erbach