Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Mess mess and more mess

I am currently working in a total disaster area in my workspace, but dont want to tidy up until I have finished all the faces I have, but heck its an almighty mess..... thought you all might like to see how messy I work, I think I am a slob when I am creating.......(nope I definitely am)

(click on the pictures to see a larger pic)


  1. Well I guess you are messier than me Sharon! But i think Cath still has you beat! At least you can get into your room!
    The little elf looks great. I love the fabric you chose.
    I have tons of bad days or I sure would get a lot more done than I have lately. As you noticed I commented on your last three posts! LOL hugs Karen

  2. Sharon, If i had a work space it would be very messy!!!!

  3. Thats not too bad Sharon. And I agree with Karen. Cath has you beaten hands down...lol. Although, saying that if Caths room was bigger it might not look so bad.

  4. Love your collection of paints Sharon. You still have a work surface, it's not that bad.

  5. ....Your work space is way too cool! This is a great placae to create! You have done well! Keep up the good work...although an empty plate or soda glass was all that I thought you missed...You got to work on this....he he he

    Hugs Sierra

  6. But it looks like such a happy place! :)