Sunday, August 19, 2007

Hand Woes

Hmm the pattern I am using for the Elf has mitten type hands which I am not too fond of, so in my wisdom I decided to draw a hand with fingers at the end of the arm, (remember this is a small pattern quite tiny) ok so far so good. Got all my material out and sewed hand coloured fabric to the arm fabric so I could sew and cut all four out in one go, so far so good no 2. Sewed them all up, looking good, then the turning began........ Ohhh dear...... what a mess..... hmm nothing a bit of glue wont help with on the seams.... Ummm no way...... more blown out fingers........ Ok try again... make some more, ......and some more......give up........NO I am stubborn this will work........hehe

If you look closely you will see all the frayed ends at the top of the fingers and also the fingers I didnt even bother to try and turn after poking the rods through them ..

Ok made about 7 in all - all blown to pieces so back to the drawing board and finally I have a decent hand. Now I shall have to make separate arms and add wires and stuffing - not tonight though, nearly tea time and I think my patience has left the building.... LOL


  1. Well at least you have one turned! How many of the faces were you going to make into elves??? Might rethink the mitt hand and just draw the fingers on! LOL
    hugs Karen

  2. LOL...well you sure know how to do things good girl..LOL
    Hugs, Khris

  3. Sharon,

    I wouldn't even attempt making those hands, so hats off to you!!!

    You're one dedicated doll maker...