Monday, August 13, 2007

Ive been tagged! how cool is that

Ive never been tagged before, well I am also new at this blogging game (go figure LOL).. hehe..

Colleen Babcock who has a blog called The Magic Bean has tagged me with "A Nice Matters Award". This was very kind of Colleen, (if you have not been to this blog and you enjoy cloth dolls - go now is all I can say ) I need to nominate some more people for this award, its a great way to network and get your blog out there.

So here I go............

Kate Hampson Kate like me is a new blogger and is a designer who has had her designs in numerous magazines in Australia.

Anita Riley another new blogger friend of mine. Anita has just started blogging and is doing a great job

Stephanie Novatski I just love this blog - Stephanies costuming is outstanding and I have spent hours trawling her site

Kat Lees Kat does the most gorgeous faces and is also a lovely lovely person, if anyone deserved a nice award it is Kat.

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  1. Thanks for the tag, Sharon. I've continued it along.