Sunday, August 26, 2007

Small update for today (very small)

Well everyone it hasnt been the greatest of creative days today, everything I touched seemed to go badly ..... you have days like that (well I do) when things just dont go as you had wanted or planned. You will notice in the below picture that there are no hands with fingers...well they turned out to be too small in the wrist to be able to sew onto the arm, I am used to using doe suede for hands this small and decided that the cotton was becoming too frustrating so went back to the original arm and hand pattern, after also blowing out two legs in the long toe the day became a lost cause hehe..... anyways here she is all pinned together for now, certainly no where near finished at all, but at least a pic for you all for the weekend........

1 comment:

  1. Hey sorry I didn't comment before! Sure hope your doll making is going better now. Have you done any more on your dolls? They are so cute.
    hugs Karen