Sunday, September 16, 2007

Project Finished

Ok not quite finished but good enough, just the wee legs to sew on but all done apart from that. Am quite pleased to actually get something finished in a day, usually its about two to three weeks for me to get myself sorted, just what I needed to make me feel like I have accomplished something this weekend. Spent the afternoon in bed yesterday not feeling the best, and I totally hate doing that, what a waste of a day, my weekends are very precious to me for creating and crafting so get quite huffy when something interferes with it ....... LOL

(click on the pic for a larger one)


  1. What a cutie Sharon! Yeah for doing it in a day! Hope you are feeling good today. Big work week ahead for ya!
    hugs Karen

  2. He looks great Sharon, and all that in one day. You're a shining example to me :-) My projects usually takes weeks.

  3. He sure is sweet. Love the little top knot of hair.

  4. EWWWWW, I just think that is one precious bear. Bears are my second love. He looks so huggable.