Sunday, July 13, 2008


Finally finished the rooms, phew a marathon effort but its all done, dont you just love the cerise pink blinds I dooo - have made the pics small as there will be lots of them so click on them for the bigger pictures. I hope you enjoy looking around the room as much as I will enjoy being in there. I hope I havent lost my sewing mojo its been soooo long since I have been able to make anything. Also have to do a few more things like finish the false fireplace and paint the coffee table, but that will be enjoyable to do later on as a craft project LOL

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  1. Beautiful craft room, takes awhile. Hubby and I built a large house, craftroom left and I can't wait, gotta part with some junk first! lol
    C & G Design

  2. OMG Sharon what an achievemnet you have both done a shitload of work and now you can reap the benefits woohoo way too go girl....did you install an intercom so hubby can speaka you hehehe
    cheers Vickie

  3. WOW its fabulous Sharon. Hugs Khris

  4. Wow that looks wonderful. I look forward to seeng the creations that will emerge from the new space.
    Cheers.... Anne

  5. Whoa, is that the same place??? LOL
    You have created a fanstastic space for your crafting Sharon, I am sure you will be very happy crafting away in there!

  6. Sharon! It is soooooooooooo FABULOUS and those pink blinds give the room such a great touch! You are going to have so much fun working in new room!!!!!All your hard work has paid off! Open the champange and celebrate!!
    hugs Karen

  7. Hi Sharon,
    Congratulations on the great studio you & hubby built, with peaceful view from your windows I'm sure you will making heaps of new art...........

    Cheers, Michelle

  8. Way to go Sharon and Peter... I see you have started crafting again... good.....Just one question... how do you sew with your machine on the bench and no leg room...??????
    Love it all... looks fantastic..
    Cath Ü