Sunday, June 29, 2008

Nearly Finished the "studio"

Ok its been slow going recently but have had the nose to the grindstone finishing off the rooms, nearly there, one more coat of paint on the kitchen floor and I will be starting to move stuff in. Was a huge job, much bigger than I anticipated, but all worth it in the end to have a nice light and airy space to work in, and a small area for a couch for relaxing to read mags LOL....

I am going to refresh your memory on the before photos so you can get an idea of how far I have come, (good for me to remember as well YUK LOL)

Eeek look at the state of this room, just disgusting

Look at it now...........

Remember this horror..............

Here it is....................first pic of floor unpainted - I have some scrummy material which I am going to put on the front of that closed in fireplace. This is where the couch will go, coffee table and of course mat to cover the bits in the middle which are a bit lumpy LOL you will never know.


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  2. I really like the progress you guys have made. It looks great. I really like the green on the walls. Jo x

  3. It looks great Sharon! Can't wait for those final pics!!
    I chose you for a blog award. Come by my blog to pick it up.
    hugs Karen