Monday, June 9, 2008

Doll Club Meeting

Hello everyone, no pictures of the craft room this week as no progress to show, back to the patching etc ready for painting in the second room. BUT I did go to doll club on Saturday so I thought you might all enjoy some pics ...........

Heres another Frumpy Granny or Frumpy Grumpie LOL LOL I still think they are just awesome.

Here are some of my goodies, not made by myself but I took them to skite and tell to show off - these were made by my friend Sharon and I love them

Are these not the cutest ever

Heres two stitcheries I have been doing while waiting to get back to my sewing room - no sewing until the new craft room is done as I have a huge mess in the old room EEEk. These are stitcheries from Cath Walker another awesome friend of mine, cripes I am sooo lucky doncha think.


  1. Love the frumpy grumpy!!! Your stitcheries are coming along great.

  2. You are doing fantastic with the stitcheries.... even if you did leave the numbers on them you ninny... but I have an idea of how to cover them will e mail you..LOL
    cath Ü