Sunday, July 20, 2008

First Day Working In The New "Studio"

Well today was the first day I have had a chance to really get out into the "studio" and play about to see how it all works. I am pleased to say that it works really well, having the table in the middle of the room is fantastic as it doesnt matter where I sit at the bench or the desk, the table is within reach to swing the chair about to so gives me an extra area close by. I love being able to get right around the table to cut as well, this works really well. What didnt work was trying to get some "stuff" ironed so I decided to make myself an ironing station out of a bit of board I had handy......... turned out pretty good if I say so myself - love using the staple gun hehe.
Also finished off my first stitchery and decided to make it into a small wall hanging......Eeek, well it got unpicked multiple times and in the end I just decided to finish the blighter (a quilter I am not) anyways she looks ok on the wall even though there are lots of wobbly bits and it certainly can not be called square by any stretch of the imagination. I figure I will leave her on the wall as she is cute and when (if) I get any better at this quilting lark I can look back to see from whence I came ...............


  1. Looks fine to me Sharon! Is that one of Cath's stitcheries? Looks really cute!!
    So how did it feel to make something in your studio!!
    hugs Karen

  2. way too go girl-so what if it's wonky (as you reckon) at least you finished it and hung it up..IMHO I fink it looks fab
    cheers Vickie

  3. Well its all looking terrific Sharon...way to go girl..hugs Khris

  4. I love it and yes you will inprove with the patchwork.... It looks terrific on the wall.. well done.. first of many more to come...
    Love it... I love to see my stitcheries being used......
    cath Ü