Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Two Posts In One Day (Phewww)

I have taken a few days off work this week and have been sewing away like crazy today, I have been testing for a new pattern that is coming out soon from a friend of mine, (I just love it). It really appealed to my creative side as its not a big doll (those of you who have been watching my blog will know I like to do miniature or smallish dolls) you draw the clothes onto the doll and then colour them in with pencils. I of course decided to go mad and have started one with the pencils and also grabbed the paints and decided to draw jeans onto the other just for fun - now I am no picasso with the paint let me tell you, but I had a ball doing it so heres a sneak peek at my progress so far. I will update with the pics as I go along.....

Dont they look soooo funny without hair........hair makes the doll LOL LOL


  1. AWESOME Sharon...these patterns are going to be very popular I think....even if they are artsy fartsy...hehehe..hugs Khris

  2. Wow! Way to go Sharon testing Sharon! LOL It is a really cute pattern. Is Sharon 2 going to release them in the states? If not I will have to get them from you? Glad you are being creative this week. It always lifts my spirits when I create.
    hugs Karen

  3. yes I am in love with Ginger.. though as you know had to give mine a raggedy face... LOL
    Cath Ü