Friday, January 15, 2010

No pics again OMG.......

And the above is exactly how I looked and felt today when I realised I had sewn up a few panels then stood back and realised something had gone horribly wrong...... No amount of squinting and lying to myself helped the situation at all (unfortunately) I tried hard to convince myself all was ok no one would notice............. My coin stack panels when sewn together with the plain panel in between were all uneven........OMG..... they were out by heaps so out came the unpicker and I start again, this time being very careful how things line up and lots and lots of pinning,  I DO NOT WANT TO UNPICK AGAIN......these are large long panels LOL   


  1. Tomorrow will be a better day. I hate to unsew.

  2. oh no. You poor girl. I reall hate having to unpick things. Hugs, Jeanette

  3. Unpicking or sanding drywall on the ceiling.... I really can't decide which is worse!!!

  4. I know just how you feel; as we sew, so shall we rip! I found that a design wall has been very helpful when constructing quilts (still I make those mistakes)...just not as much! If I were there, I would help; for now all I can offer is a cyber hug

  5. That isn't really that uncommon amongst quilters unfortunately!! LOL I had to pick out today myself. I have done that uneven before too. One of the drawbacks of sashing is matching up all the lines. Big hugs for you and hope you didn't prick your finger with the seam ripper!
    hugs Karen