Sunday, January 3, 2010

Seat Finished

I have spent most of the day getting the seat done, so now I am all set and all colour coordinated as well so everything is spiffy indeed in the craft rooms........NOW to actually get back in there and do some sewing.  I presume most would know what colour I would paint the seat LOL  only because I have lime green walls and I had some fabric that matched for the seat of course hehe............

So there it is one seat/storage piece.......... was a pretty horrible piece of furniture but now it can serve a purpose of being storage and a seat, and also a better colour of course LOL -  for the princely sum of about 16.00 I have a reasonably cost effective piece of furniture for the craft room, Its not perfect but will do the job very well for me.


  1. That should be great storage for you! And it is much prettier!!

  2. OMG, how cute is that. And, it is purple.

  3. Great job Sharon, so clever you are, brilliant for storage and a seat as well, just brilliant mate.

  4. And here was me thinking Aunty Sharon was going to paint it blue or yellow....NOT of course I knew it would be purple....and I'd guessed when I saw the painted box pic that the fabric was going to have green in Well done. Hugs Naomi

  5. Outdone yourself girl... bloody fantastic!! love the colour too LMAO
    Sharon 2

  6. Great work and no, I had no idea that you would have a purple seat! ... what else! lol, you've done a lovely job...beautiful, sure you don't want to paint some of those gorgeous butterflies on it? or maybe decourpage some of the fabric applique you made...just thinking! Okay, I'll stop! love it

  7. Sharon, you have done a fantastic job on the seat - very practical too!

  8. Nice and practical and nice a pretty...even if its
    Hugs Khris