Saturday, January 17, 2009

Step Two of Mystery Quilt Completed

qPhew got step two done now and finished the blocks from the first step. Only had to unpick a couple of pieces I sewed on back to front LOL got carried away with this “chain piecing” lark…….got a bit gung ho LOL……. so all ready now for the next bit so am managing to keep up so far.


  1. way too go Sharon that is lookin great....your colours choices are superb,
    cheers Vickie

  2. looking good so far... not to bad for pink :o))
    Sharon 2

  3. this is going to turn out fantastic... and yu were worrying...LOL
    Cath Ü

  4. My Friend Sharon the Quilter !!!
    I never for one moment doubted ... that you would not be 'great' at it !!!
    You "GO" Girl !!!!

    Amanda Short
    South Africa